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AI Transcription Benchmark: 1 Million Hours of Youtube Videos with Parakeet TDT 1.1B for Just $1260, a 1000-fold cost reduction 

AI transcription - Parakeet TRT 1.1B batch transription compared against APIs

Building upon the inference benchmark of Parakeet TDT 1.1B on SaladCloud and with our ongoing efforts to enhance the system architecture and implementation for batch jobs, we have achieved a 1000-fold cost reduction for AI transcription with Salad. This incredible cost-performance comes while maintaining the same level of accuracy as other managed transcription services.  YouTube is […]

MetaVoice AI Text-to-Speech (TTS) Benchmark: Narrate 100,000 words for only $4.29 on Salad

MetaVoice Text-to-Speech gpu benchmark on SaladCloud

Note: Do not miss out on listening to voice clones of 10 different celebrities reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone towards the end of the blog. Introduction to MetaVoice-1B MetaVoice-1B is an advanced text-to-speech (TTS) model boasting 1.2 billion parameters, meticulously trained on a vast corpus of 100,000 hours of speech. Engineered with a […]

Tag 309K Images/$ with Recognize Anything Model++ (RAM++) On Consumer GPUs

Recognize anything model++ gpu benchmark

What is the Recognize Anything Model++? The Recognize Anything Model++ (RAM++) is a state of the art image tagging foundational model released last year, with pre-trained model weights available on huggingface hub. It significantly outperforms other open models like CLIP and BLIP in both the scope of recognized categories and accuracy. But how much does […]

Segment Anything Model (SAM) Benchmark: 50K Images/$ on Consumer GPUs

Segment anything model (SAM) benchmark on consumer GPUs on SaladCloud

What is the Segment Anything Model (SAM)? The Segment Anything Model (SAM) is a foundational image segmentation model released by Meta AI Research last year, with pre-trained model weights available through the GitHub repository. It can be prompted with a point or a bounding box, and performs well on a variety of segmentation tasks. More […]

Your own ChatGPT for just $0.04/hr – with Ollama, ChatUI and Salad

Deploy your own ChatGPT with Ollama, Huggingface Chat UI and Salad

Deploy your own LLM with Ollama & Huggingface Chat UI on Salad How much does it cost to build and deploy a ChatGPT-like product today? The cost could be anywhere from thousands to millions – depending on the model, infrastructure and use case. Even the same task could cost anywhere from $1000 to $100,000. But […]

LLM Comparison Through TGI Benchmark Using SaladCloud

LLM comparison benchmark with text generation inference on Salad GPU cloud

In the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Text Generation Inference (TGI) has become a vital toolkit for deploying and serving Large Language Models (LLMs). TGI enables efficient and scalable text generation with popular open-source LLMs, including Llama, Falcon, StarCoder, BLOOM, GPT-NeoX, and Mistral. This SaladCloud benchmark dives deep into this technology, with a LLM comparison […]

YOLOv8 Benchmark: Object Detection on Salad’s GPUs (73% Cheaper Than Azure)


What is YOLOv8? In the fast-evolving world of AI, object detection has made remarkable strides, epitomized by YOLOv8. YOLO (You Only Look Once) is an object detection and image segmentation model launched in 2015 and YOLOv8s is the latest version, developed by Ultralytics. The algorithm is not just about recognizing objects; it’s about doing so […]

Bark Benchmark: Reading 144K Recipes with Text-to-Speech on SaladCloud

BARK Benchmark - Text-to-speech-gpu - SaladCloud

Speech Synthesis with suno-ai/bark When you think of speech synthesis, you might think of a very robotic sounding voice, like this one from 1979. Maybe you think of more modern voice assistants, like Siri or the Google Assistant. While these are certainly improvements over what we had in the 1970s, they still wouldn’t be mistaken […]

Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) Benchmark – 769 Images Per Dollar on Salad

Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) Benchmark - Salad

Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) Benchmark A couple months back, we showed you how to get almost 5000 images per dollar with Stable Diffusion 1.5. Now, with the release of Stable Diffusion XL, we’re fielding a lot of questions regarding the potential of consumer GPUs for serving SDXL inference at scale. The answer from our Stable […]

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