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AI Transcription Benchmark: 1 Million Hours of Youtube Videos with Parakeet TDT 1.1B for Just $1260, a 1000-fold cost reduction 

AI transcription - Parakeet TRT 1.1B batch transription compared against APIs

Building upon the inference benchmark of Parakeet TDT 1.1B on SaladCloud and with our ongoing efforts to enhance the system architecture and implementation for batch jobs, we have achieved a 1000-fold cost reduction for AI transcription with Salad. This incredible cost-performance comes while maintaining the same level of accuracy as other managed transcription services.  YouTube is […]

Parakeet TDT 1.1B Inference Benchmark on SaladCloud: 1,000,000 hours of transcription for Just $1260


Parakeet TDT 1.1B GPU benchmark The Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) model, Parakeet TDT 1.1B, is the latest addition to NVIDIA’s Parakeet family. Parakeet TDT 1.1B boasts unparalleled accuracy and significantly faster performance compared to other models in the same family. Using our latest batch-processing framework, we conducted comprehensive tests with Parakeet TDT 1.1B against extensive […]

Comparing Price-Performance of 22 GPUs for AI Image Tagging (GTX vs RTX)

AI Image Tagging GPU Benchmark on Salad

Older Consumer GPUs: A Perfect-Fit for AI Image Tagging In the current AI boom, there’s a palpable excitement around sophisticated image generation models like Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) and the cutting-edge GPUs that power them. These models often require more powerful GPUs with larger amounts of vRAM. However, while the industry is abuzz with these […]

Bark Benchmark: Reading 144K Recipes with Text-to-Speech on SaladCloud

BARK Benchmark - Text-to-speech-gpu - SaladCloud

Speech Synthesis with suno-ai/bark When you think of speech synthesis, you might think of a very robotic sounding voice, like this one from 1979. Maybe you think of more modern voice assistants, like Siri or the Google Assistant. While these are certainly improvements over what we had in the 1970s, they still wouldn’t be mistaken […]