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Civitai powers 10 Million AI images per day with Salad’s distributed cloud

Civitai powers 10 Million AI images per day on Salad

Civitai: The Home of Open-Source Generative AI “Our mission is rooted in the belief that AI resources should be accessible to all, not monopolized by a few” –  Justin Maier, Founder & CEO of Civitiai. With an average of 26 Million visits per month, 10 Million users & more than 200,000 open-source models & embeddings, […]

AI Transcription Benchmark: 1 Million Hours of Youtube Videos with Parakeet TDT 1.1B for Just $1260, a 1000-fold cost reduction 

AI transcription - Parakeet TRT 1.1B batch transription compared against APIs

Building upon the inference benchmark of Parakeet TDT 1.1B on SaladCloud and with our ongoing efforts to enhance the system architecture and implementation for batch jobs, we have achieved a 1000-fold cost reduction for AI transcription with Salad. This incredible cost-performance comes while maintaining the same level of accuracy as other managed transcription services.  YouTube is […]

Text-to-Speech (TTS) API Alternative: Self-Managed OpenVoice vs MetaVoice Comparison

Self-managed Openvoice vs Metavoice comparison: A Text to speech API alternative

A cost-effective alternative to Text-to-speech APIs In the realm of text-to-speech (TTS) technology, two open-source models have recently garnered everyone’s attention: OpenVoice and MetaVoice. Each model has unique capabilities in voice synthesis, but both were recently open sourced. We conducted benchmarks for both models on SaladCloud showing a world of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, highlighting the […]

MetaVoice AI Text-to-Speech (TTS) Benchmark: Narrate 100,000 words for only $4.29 on Salad

MetaVoice Text-to-Speech gpu benchmark on SaladCloud

Note: Do not miss out on listening to voice clones of 10 different celebrities reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone towards the end of the blog. Introduction to MetaVoice-1B MetaVoice-1B is an advanced text-to-speech (TTS) model boasting 1.2 billion parameters, meticulously trained on a vast corpus of 100,000 hours of speech. Engineered with a […]

Parakeet TDT 1.1B Inference Benchmark on SaladCloud: 1,000,000 hours of transcription for Just $1260


Parakeet TDT 1.1B GPU benchmark The Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) model, Parakeet TDT 1.1B, is the latest addition to NVIDIA’s Parakeet family. Parakeet TDT 1.1B boasts unparalleled accuracy and significantly faster performance compared to other models in the same family. Using our latest batch-processing framework, we conducted comprehensive tests with Parakeet TDT 1.1B against extensive […]

Inference Benchmark on Salad: Distil-Whisper Large V2 vs. Whisper Large V3 for Speech-to-text

Speech to text inference benchmark - Distil Whisper Large v2

Hugging Face Distil-Whisper Large V2 is a distilled version of the OpenAI Whisper model that is 6 times faster, 49% smaller and performs within 1%  WER (word error rates) on out-of-distribution evaluation sets. However, it is currently only available for English speech recognition. Building upon the insights from the previous inference benchmark of Whisper Large […]

OpenVoice Text-to-Speech (TTS) Benchmark: 6 Million+ Words/$ Using Salad

Openvoice text to speech gpu benchmark on SaladCloud

What is OpenVoice? OpenVoice is an open-source, instant voice cloning technology that enables the creation of realistic and customizable speech from just a short audio clip of a reference speaker. Developed by MyShell.ai, OpenVoice stands out for its ability to precisely replicate the voice’s tone color while offering extensive control over various speech attributes such […]

Tutorial: How to run your own GPU-accelerated JupyterLab on SaladCloud

Jupyterlab deployment tutorial on SaladCloud

In recent times, JupyterLab has gained popularity among data scientists and students because of its ease of use, flexibility, and extensibility. But access to resources and cost remains a hindrance. In this blog, we provide a walkthrough on creating and running your own GPU-accelerated JupyterLab taking advantage of low GPU prices on SaladCloud. The challenge […]

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