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Your own ChatGPT for just $0.04/hr – with Ollama, ChatUI and Salad

Deploy your own ChatGPT with Ollama, Huggingface Chat UI and Salad

Deploy your own LLM with Ollama & Huggingface Chat UI on Salad How much does it cost to build and deploy a ChatGPT-like product today? The cost could be anywhere from thousands to millions – depending on the model, infrastructure and use case. Even the same task could cost anywhere from $1000 to $100,000. But […]

LLM Comparison Through TGI Benchmark Using SaladCloud

LLM comparison using Text Generation Inference - GPU benchmark

In the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Text Generation Inference (TGI) has become a vital toolkit for deploying and serving Large Language Models (LLMs). TGI enables efficient and scalable text generation with popular open-source LLMs, including Llama, Falcon, StarCoder, BLOOM, GPT-NeoX, and Mistral. This SaladCloud benchmark dives deep into this technology, with a LLM comparison […]