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Tag 309K Images/$ with Recognize Anything Model++ (RAM++) On Consumer GPUs

Recognize anything model++ gpu benchmark

What is the Recognize Anything Model++? The Recognize Anything Model++ (RAM++) is a state of the art image tagging foundational model released last year, with pre-trained model weights available on huggingface hub. It significantly outperforms other open models like CLIP and BLIP in both the scope of recognized categories and accuracy. But how much does […]

Segment Anything Model (SAM) Benchmark: 50K Images/$ on Consumer GPUs

Segment anything model (SAM) benchmark on consumer GPUs on SaladCloud

What is the Segment Anything Model (SAM)? The Segment Anything Model (SAM) is a foundational image segmentation model released by Meta AI Research last year, with pre-trained model weights available through the GitHub repository. It can be prompted with a point or a bounding box, and performs well on a variety of segmentation tasks. More […]

Training a custom YOLOv8 model on Salad for just $0.25

YOLOv8 training & deployment tutorial on SaladCloud

Training a Custom YOLOv8 Model for Logo Detection In the dynamic world of AI and machine learning, the ability to customize is immensely powerful. Our previous exploration delved into deploying a pre-trained YOLOv8 model using Salad’s cloud infrastructure, revealing 73% cost savings in real-time object tracking and analysis. Advancing this journey, we’re now focusing on […]