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Training a custom YOLOv8 model on Salad for just $0.25

YOLOv8 training & deployment tutorial on SaladCloud

Training a Custom YOLOv8 Model for Logo Detection In the dynamic world of AI and machine learning, the ability to customize is immensely powerful. Our previous exploration delved into deploying a pre-trained YOLOv8 model using Salad’s cloud infrastructure, revealing 73% cost savings in real-time object tracking and analysis. Advancing this journey, we’re now focusing on […]

YOLOv8 Benchmark: Object Detection on Salad’s GPUs (73% Cheaper Than Azure)


What is YOLOv8? In the fast-evolving world of AI, object detection has made remarkable strides, epitomized by YOLOv8. YOLO (You Only Look Once) is an object detection and image segmentation model launched in 2015 and YOLOv8s is the latest version, developed by Ultralytics. The algorithm is not just about recognizing objects; it’s about doing so […]