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Salad Launches Kubernetes Support at KubeCon 2023

Prashanth Shankara

Salad is excited to announce support for Kubernetes (K8s) through the Virtual Kubelet project. The K8s integration based on the SaladCloud Virtual Kubelet Provider will be showcased at the upcoming KubeCon conference in Chicago, taking place from November 6-9, 2023. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the product and its benefits firsthand by visiting Salad’s booth [E27] at KubeCon.

The SaladCloud Virtual Kubelet Provider enables running K8s pods as container group deployments, unlocking a new level of flexibility and scalability for compute-hungry applications.

“There is a global GPU shortage and rampant overpaying, especially for high-end, AI-focused GPUs”, said Bob Miles, CEO of Salad. “Meanwhile, millions of consumer GPUs lie unused most of the day. Salad connects the two. With this K8s integration, companies with GPU-powered applications can seamlessly access Salad’s vast network of 10,000+ consumer GPUs at the lowest market price for production deployment”.

Virtual Kubelet, a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) supported project, enables organizations to extend their Kubernetes clusters by leveraging external compute resources provided by other vendors using their existing K8s control plane and the landscape of cloud native tooling.

With the new SaladCloud Virtual Kubelet Provider, customers are able to deploy containerized workloads to SaladCloud, very similar to the managed computing environments offered by major cloud providers. The containerized workloads are orchestrated across a vast network of third-party, high-end gaming PCs with advanced GPU capabilities, whose suppliers receive credits to redeem for games, gift cards & other rewards.

“If you don’t have enough GPUs in your data center or you’re overpaying for cloud resources, you can use SaladCloud directly from your K8s cluster with our Virtual Kubelet Provider to access affordable, on-demand, pay-per-use GPUs at massive scale”, added Kyle Dodson, Head of Engineering at Salad. “Engineering teams already building K8s apps can easily deploy to SaladCloud, without changing existing development workflows.”

To learn more about the SaladCloud Virtual Kubelet Provider and to request a demo, visit

Salad team at KubeCon 2023 in Chicago announcing Kubernetes support

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