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2022 In Review

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It’s difficult to measure the importance of a year. Whether you gauge success in lucky headshots or quarterly goals, there are simply too many moments and milestones in anyone’s life to understand which ones may have planted the seeds that nourished the future.

As 2022 draws to a close, we’d like to invite our faithful Chefs, customers, and partners to celebrate the best achievements from another year together in the Salad Kitchen.

Company Newcomers

Back in March, Salad raised $17M to turn our humble network—already the world’s most distributed supercomputer—into an affordable computing platform for real-life innovators. Thanks to that heaping helping from our investment partners, we’ve more than doubled our team in just a few months. That’s a full reno in the ranks of Salad HQ!

With more cooks in the Kitchen, Salad can finally develop robust systems to help everyone power a more equitable Internet safely and securely, right from home.

Quest Progress Saved

Watch ‘Welcome to Salad’ Now

Since the start of the year, over 494,000 new Chefs have joined our quest to save the Internet. These faithful few have sent typical Chopping time through the roof since the summer—and claimed a legendary trove of loot along the way!

With record numbers of first-time redemptions from the Salad Storefront, our community claimed a whopping total of 238,000 choice Chops, including games, gift cards, and new rewards requested over at r/SaladChefs. Thousands more Chefs sent their Salad Balance web-wide through our recently unveiled PayPal integration.

Take a look at the top ten most-copped Chops of the year!

  1. Mantle Minecraft Cape – Official Salad Cape
  2. Digital Visa Card – $5.00 (USD)
  3. Discord Nitro Classic (Press “F” to pay respects.)
  4. Discord Nitro
  5. Gift Card – ₹250
  6. PayPal Balance – $5.00 (USD)
  7. Digital Visa Card – $10.00 (USD)
  8. Digital Visa Card – $20.00 (USD)
  9. Gift Card – $1.00 (USD)
  10. 1% for the Planet – $0.05 Donation

Mere months after the triumphant return of Fresh Loot Friday, we’ve expanded our pantry with a host of sought-after sundries, such as affordable indies, VPN subscription plans, and profile-personalization tools for the savvy webizen.

Salad App Updates

Watch a short video.

This year also saw the arrival of our sleeker, more minified Salad 1.0 experience. Now snugly secured in the Windows System Tray, our dutiful dynamo has taken on a form to suit its longtime ambition: to help you profit from your PC as simply and as unobtrusively as possible.

Smart Workload Selection gave Salad 1.0 the chops to seamlessly switch between blockchain workloads and a variety of on-demand jobs whenever they offer greater Salad Balance. Chefs can now sink their teeth into profitable tasks that match their unique hardware configurations as soon as they become available—without worrying about maxxing out any machine settings.

Diversified Fare

Salad ain’t your garden-variety cryptominer! Earlier this year, our Discord community participated in a closed beta to serve our first-ever distributed container workloads.

Thanks to that overwhelming response from the Salad Chefs, our team successfully deployed thousands of containers, improved overall network resiliency, and configured 90% of participating machines to serve containerized workloads. We’re confident that Salad Container Engine can now accommodate virtually any stateless compute application, and that the large majority of Chefs will be able to do the same.

In another limited beta test, 4,855 participants spread across the U.S., U.K., and Germany shared bandwidth to support P2P video streaming, earning nearly $19,000 in Salad Balance directly from Salad Gateway Service customers. We’re excited to see just how much you can earn as we expand bandwidth access to new countries.

With the arrival of container environments and high-bandwidth jobs, Salad’s menu of computational cuisine has grown to include persistent processing workloads, ad hoc networking tasks, and on-demand deployments from real innovators.

Upcoming Salad Features

Now that container workloads have gone gold across the network, we’re prepping a smorgasbord of features to make Salad the most profitable “set-and-forget” experience around. One of the first to arrive will be Background Chopping, an all-new personalization setting to help you tackle snack-sized Salad jobs that consume minimal CPU while you’re using your PC.

Thank You

Salad is simple, but it’s not the easiest thing to explain. And like all head-smackingly good ideas, lots of folks won’t understand it without first trying it out. We’re honored to have thousands of people from around the world joining us in the Kitchen every day.

If you hadn’t taken that first bite, Salad might still be an idea. Your continued support is the soil for our every effort. We can’t wait to share compute for epic loot by your side for years to come.

— Team Salad

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